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FARES on his Way to Akkar: We Are with Conciliation and We Are Part of It
11 Apr 2017
Al Balad

Al Balad

FARES on his Way to Akkar: We Are with Conciliation and We Are Part of It

The return of the former Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, to Lebanon, due next month - and its impact on the political map and scene, particularly in Akkar - has been the talk of Akkar circles, for it is scheduled on the eve of the parliamentary elections, on which the coming back of Issam FARES will have an effect through the coalitions and the reshuffle of the election cards, all the more so as he will be back with a conciliatory spirit towards all parties and will extend a hand of cooperation to contribute to the development of Akkar and implement more projects and services in that region.

Akkar - by Mayez OBEID

As the parliamentary elections are due in few months - if they are to take place presumably in the next months - the former Deputy Prime Minister Issam FARES has decided to return to Lebanon and settle in his native village in Akkar, after having been away for 12 years. FARES office in Halba is now officially open and in motion. His work team is working on a continuous basis, and the place is already a beehive of activity, in preparation for the comeback due in mid-May.

Service Centers

Before talking politics, the ex-Deputy Prime Minister, Issam FARES, will supposedly make visits to the service centers he supported and which were completed when he was absent, and the collaboration with the different actors in Akkar has been underway to make the necessary preparations and arrangements for the expected return, including a large popular welcome ceremony in his native village, Beino, in Joumeh Akkar.

On Politics

There are many reasons for this comeback, including political. It comes at a time when the Lebanese election date is approaching. According to FARES, the conciliatory atmosphere prevailing nowadays in the country paves the way for his return, as FARES is known to be “a peaceful man of politics and always seeks to have moderate attitudes and choices, as well as in the political approach he adopts”. Those who take care of his business in Lebanon and Akkar follow his lead in the way they deal with the Lebanese political movements and parties and in the Akkar arena. In an interview for Al Balad, the manager of Issam FARES in Lebanon, Engineer Sajih ATTIE, said, “the return of FARES to Lebanon and Akkar is confirmed and is decided in mid-May. Issam FARES is badly missed in the region and we guarantee that he will resume his political activity.”

Electoral Law

“So far, no stance has been taken on the elections, until we get a clear picture of the electoral law. Securing a seat in the parliament is not a primary goal. We are a party that promotes development, moderation and State building, the main goal of the decision to come back to Lebanon and take part in the political life is to effectively participate in the recovery of the country and of Akkar in collaboration with all the parties”, also according to ATTIE.

“The communication with PM Saad HARIRI is still on. The relationship between both HARIRI and FARES is strong and good and marked by growing mutual confidence, but an electoral coordination still needs to be provided. An electoral alliance with the Future Movement and the other active parties is not improbable at all, though. We think that there will be an all-inclusive compromise ticket in Akkar, in consistency with the next stage in the country”, ATTIE maintained.

Climate of Disagreement

“Issam FARES is by nature someone who is open to everyone and clashes with nobody. His return will be to further encourage the current compromise climate, and not that of disagreement and differences in the country. Issam FARES does not betray his friends. The prevailing compromise climate was one more reason why he decided to come back, not to mention the appeals he has received from different actors to play his role according to everyone’s expectations,” ATTIE added. Since the comeback of Issam FARES coincides with a session of the Council of Ministers in Akkar - among others intended to be held nationwide -, and which will have important development projects for the region approved by PM Saad HARIRI, “these projects will be followed up and supported by Issam FARES who will put his resources at the service of the State development efforts aimed at contributing to the recovery and development of Akkar,” ATTIE confirmed.

FARES Return

“If Issam FARES wants to return to Lebanon to reintegrate in political life, this is neither to eliminate anyone nor to align with a specific party. He wants to join hands with all the parties, give help, play the role which is incumbent on us and assume responsibilities on the national level and in terms of development of Akkar and its villages and towns”, ATTIE concluded.

“If Issam FARES wants to return to Lebanon to reintegrate in political life, this is neither to eliminate anyone…”
“FARES will supposedly make visits to the service centers”